The ITTF is planning a revamp of the way the world rankings are worked out from January 2018.

The world governing body is set to replace the current system, which is based on players gaining or losing points according to results against individual opponents.

The proposed system, based on how far players progress into tournaments, would see points awarded at all ITTF-recognised and sanctioned events – the round players are knocked out in would determine how many points they receive, irrespective of their opponents.

The system is said by the ITTF to be simpler to understand and a more accurate and up-to-date reflection of the performance of players. It will also encourage players to be more active on the ITTF circuit. Points will also be awarded separately for each age category.

The ITTF is running the current world rankings alongside a test of the new system – click here to view the ‘new’ rankings.

The new system would mean England players moving around in the rankings, with Sam Walker one to benefit as he would move into the world’s top 100 based on this month’s lists.

Table Tennis England’s Head of Talent & Performance, Simon Mills, said:

“We’ll be watching with interest in the months ahead to see what this means, but the new rankings should reflect current form more accurately, which is what a ranking system should do.

“We will have to more carefully plan our athletes’ programmes, how we transition players through the age groups and get our players playing more regularly.”

Click here for more information via the ITTF website.

Table Tennis England will consider in the months ahead whether the domestic rankings will need to be adapted to conform with the new ITTF rankings.