We have had a small number of reports from members being targeted with a hoax email that falsely appears to be circulated from Table Tennis England.

The email claims to be about ‘important updates’ for Table Tennis England members and provides a link to view a document with the changes.

Please be aware that this email has not come from Table Tennis England, and has instead been sent from a Yahoo account. Members should delete this email and are advised not to click on the hyperlink.

We advise all members to remain alert to spam emails and be aware of some simple ways to help detect a scam email, including:

  • The sender sending from an unofficial company email address
  • A request for personal information
  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • Hyperlinks (clickable links) within an email to an unrecognisable URL or embedded hyperlinks

If you are unsure whether an email has come from Table Tennis England, we advise you to get in contact with our customer services team who can advise you on its authenticity.

If you receive a hoax email, do not click on any hyperlinks, delete the email and ensure you keep your antivirus software and spam filters up-to-date.