League giants Ormesby and Drumchapel will be going head to head this weekend in the 5th round of the Senior Premier Division of the British League. The rest of the clubs are competing to stay in the league with not many points separating 7th place Halton and 3rd place Fusion.

Drumchapel are top of the league with 8 points and have not dropped a game yet going into their first match against Ormesby; which will be the clubs biggest test of the season so far.

Liu Song, who has played in every match bar one up until this point, will be in the starting line up alongside Eugene Wang, He Bai and Tao Shi. Club Chairman, Terry McLernon MBE, had this to say:

“Drumchapel Glasgow have had a great start to the season and are looking forward to the match at Ormesby on Saturday. The Premier team is the pinnacle of our whole programme, we have received good feedback on our matches that have been on facebook live and also on our You Tube Channel where the British League Videos have received over 25, 000 views for our first three home matches

Up until now Ormesby have kept a clean sheet by comfortably winning all their matches of the season so far. Ormesby will be the hosts of the heavyweight battle against Drumchapel this weekend which can only work in their favour with a home crowd and playing in their own environment.

Keeping to their tried and tested players, English internationals Danny Reed and Darius Knight will both be stepping up to the table this weekend alongside Polish international Filip Szymanski. Making up the final spot will be Gavin Evans, Tom Jarvis, or Michael Marsden.

Batts make a return to the league after a weekend off and they are not taking their mid-table position for granted. Over the season they have had several issues with team selection but this has given other members of the team a chance to play in the biggest table tennis leagues in the country.

Joining Jack Bennett and Steve Beerling in Halton Stadium this weekend will be Alex Ramsde and Mateusz who will be wearing Batts colours for the first time.

Halton have underperformed in this year’s season and suffered 4 losses in so many matches. This weekend will bring their first home fixture which should help to resolve some of their team section issues they have been battling with up until this point.

Kevin Dolder, Richard Lightowler, Joe Pilkington and Tomasz Rzeszotko have been confirmed for this weekend match.

Also in attendance will be two local MP’s and members of their new talent development centre so Halton will have some high profile spectators at their first home match where they will be striving for their first victory of the season.

North Ayrshire put in a strong performance against Ormesby, arguably one of the best teams in the league, in the last round and will be taking that experience forward with them when playing Fusion.

This match is certain to be a close one and Sean Doherty, Richie Main, Colin Dalglish and Craig Hardie will be playing to try and secure a second win for the Scottish club when they play.

With three matches under their belt gaining them a win, draw and loss, Fusion Table Tennis Club are in a good position going into their match against North Ayrshire.

They will be looking to repeat their wining result from their last match against Halton and with their attacking performance displayed in the season up to now this is definitely possible.

All the matches will be streamed live on Facebook again this weekend so head over to the British League Facebook and Twitter pages to find the links!