Table Tennis England will continue to provide website software for leagues to manage their fixtures and results free of charge.

For a number of years, Table Tennis England has paid commercial supplier, TT365, to provide that service via a website known as League Manager.  

Negotiations were ongoing with TT365 to continue to provide that service. TT365 told us that their charges would be increased more than five times to continue to provide the same service next season. 

That means an increase in costs from about £1.60 per league player to more than £7.00. Table Tennis England had previously agreed and budgeted that 10 per cent of the fees received from league players would be paid to TT365 to provide the League Manager service. This proposed increase by TT365 means that figure would be more than 50 per cent of all members’ affiliate fees.

That is not a viable financial option for Table Tennis England who have a duty to ensure best value for our members and to consider what are the market rates for all services we purchase.

Following a statement from TT365’s managing director, Chris Dangerfield, we have to accept that our negotiations have now broken down. 

We understand that TT365 is now looking to the Leagues to fund this increased amount directly.

Table Tennis England recognises the benefits of continuing to provide this service free of charge to Leagues, but in order for us to do so we cannot accept such an increase in cost without justification.

Table Tennis England wanted to retain its relationship with TT365 and had hoped that a satisfactory outcome could be reached for the benefit of its members.

 As this is not commercially possible with TT365, then Table Tennis England will continue to provide a free service for Leagues of a good quality which is simple to use and meets their needs.

 Details will be confirmed over the next few weeks.