Live coverage of the British League is here! The latest round of fixtures in the Premier Division will all be streamed live this weekend.

The division is in full swing now as we head into our third weekend of fixtures, and all three matches will be streamed live so you can see all the action from start to finish.

To find the links, head over to the British League Facebook or Twitter pages this Saturday or visit the home clubs’ (Drumchapel, Cardiff City and North Ayrshire) Facebook pages.

After Drumchapel’s successful second weekend, they are looking to continue their run of form when they host Batts. The team playing will be He Zhi Wen, Craig Howieson, Callum Main and Tao Shi.

Tao Shi is originally from China but is in the UK training with Drumchapel for six months and this will be his British League debut. He has already made his mark by winning the Glasgow Open, so he is sure to be a great addition to the team in this weekend’s match.

Batts put in a strong performance against Fusion in their last match, taking home a draw, but know they have a fight on their hands this weekend. Batts drew a large crowd when they played Fusion at home and this will not change this weekend as a band of loyal supporters will be traveling to Drumchapel with them.

Cardiff City will be going up against big-hitters Ormesby on home soil this weekend. The team have two debutants stepping up this weekend; Tom Maynard, a new signing for the club, and Benedict Watson, a young player who has more than earned his right to be making his Premier Division debut.

Accompanying them are Lloyd Gregory and Dan O’Connell who have played in both of Cardiff City’s previous matches, bringing home four victories between them.

Ormesby didn’t feature in the last round of matches after marching into the league with a 7-1 victory against Fusion. Returning to the table in an effort to carry on their success will be Daniel Reed, Filip Szymanski and Darius Knight, but unfortunately Michael Marsden is out due to injury. Making his first appearance to take the fourth spot will be new signing, Liam McTiernan.

Using every bit of experience they gained from their first outing in the British League, North Ayrshire are hoping to put in a good performance against Halton. This weekend will be the club’s first home match and a good turnout is expected.

The team are keen to get the most out of the home support to maximise their performance. The team is mostly unchanged from the last round, except that Viktor Gorman is playing in place of Richard Main.

Following on from a last-minute pull-out for Halton in their last match, their team selection has taken another knock for this weekend. The players who are confirmed for this weekend’s match are Richard Lightowler, Tomasz Rzeszotko and Connor Whitehead, a Junior British League player who has dropped out of the Tipton Grand Prix to support the team.

It is Fusion’s turn to take a well-earned rest this weekend and they will be back on November 5, when they will be playing Halton at home.