David McBeath

The England team to compete at the Senior Six Nations has been named.

David McBeath, Chris Doran, Karina Le Fevre and Emma Vickers will carry the nation’s hopes into the tournament in Largs, Scotland, on November 21 to 23.

They will be up against teams from the host country, Wales, Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey in both team and individual competitions.

The squad will have a lot to live up to, having won all four titles on offer at the event in Cardiff last year – and three of them will be eyeing a repeat performance

McBeath and Doran featured in the men’s event, winning the team event alongside Gavin Evans, with McBeath then beating Doran in four games in the singles final.

On the women’s side, Le Fevre was part of the gold medal-winning team, alongside Hannah Hicks and Tressa Armitage, and was beaten 3-2 in the singles final by Hicks.

Paul Stimpson
October 24, 2014