Our newly recruited Young Ambassadors have been getting to know each other and starting work on their first tasks.

A wet and cloudy day in Milton Keynes did not deter the enthusiasm of the nine young people who attended. They are part of a team of 11 chosen by Table Tennis England following a competitive recruitment process July.

Travelling from all over the country for the day, the morning activities were all about team building at the Willen Lake Watersports Centre. If the rain didn’t get them wet enough, racing the rafts out on to the lake where they played a variety of team games definitely did.

The afternoon’s focus was all about branding and identity with a fun video and photo shoot. The day finished with the Young Ambassadors talking about how Table Tennis England should be communicating directly with young people on social media, so keep an eye out for new channels coming shortly!

The Table Tennis England Young Ambassadors are a group of 14 to 21 year olds who have been brought together to represent the views of young people and help shape the world of table tennis.

Meeting three times a year they will be involved a number of exciting projects helping Table Tennis England deliver its Children and Young People strategy and influencing projects throughout the sport.

Caroline Howkins, Children & Young People Manager at Table Tennis England, said:

“We’re really excited about this project. Young people are the future of the sport and it’s vital to listen to their ideas and harness their energy and enthusiasm so that we can develop the sport in ways which are relevant to them.

“Bringing the Young Ambassadors together for the first time has been an exciting day and we are really looking forward to working on some exciting projects with them.”

Meet the Young Ambassadors here