Table Tennis England has reinforced its commitment to involving young people in our sport by making an #iwill pledge.

The #iwill campaign seeks to involve more young people in social action and volunteering and our pledge is as follows:

  • We pledge to raise awareness of volunteering and social action opportunities for young people in table tennis, working with clubs to demonstrate the contribution that young people can make and promoting the opportunities that are available to young people. Table Tennis England aims to increase the number of young people involved in social action and volunteering in clubs and their local communities by 50% over the next 18 months.
  • We will start a Young Ambassadors programme to represent the thoughts and views of young people to ensure that our projects, programmes and events are relevant to young people.
  • We pledge to have a better representation of young people within Table Tennis England at a national level, to represent the number of young people within our membership. We will aim to have a young person representative in each of the support networks, where appropriate, within Table Tennis England.

You can see our pledge on the #iwill website by clicking here

The #iwill campaign promotes social action among 10-20-year-olds. This includes activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, all of which create a double benefit – to communities and young people themselves.

So far, more than 500 business, education and voluntary sector partners have committed to embedding social action into the lives of young people and Table Tennis England is excited to be one of these and in the first of five National Governing Bodies of sport to sign up.

We have started our work already with our newly recruited Young Ambassadors, who all came together for the first time last month and will continue to look at how we involve young people in all the work we do over the coming months and years.

* Do you know a young person involved in volunteering or social action? Then why not nominate them in the Young Volunteer of the Year category for a Pride of Table Tennis award? You can do so by clicking here