The Loop family is set to get bigger as Table Tennis England launches Loop in the Community today.

The latest component of the Loop initiative will allow community organisations to buy subsidised tables, bats, balls and other equipment in order to introduce social table tennis to their venues.

Loop in the Community is suitable for venues which are open to a wide range of people, such as village halls, religious centres, community centres, colleges, youth clubs and leisure centres.

The launch follows the success of Loop at Work, Loop in the Clubhouse and Loop on Campus in workplaces, sports venues and university campuses respectively.

Loop tries to help people to be more active and recognises that it is not always easy as people’s lives are busier and more complex than ever before, leaving them little time to spare. In fact, a quarter of the population does less than 30 minutes of exercise a week. (Sport England – Active Lives Survey 2015/16).

Loop gives central importance to a work-play balance which is essential for happiness, health and well-being and the initiative aims to inspire leaders to bring table tennis to the places where people already spend time.

Table Tennis England has teamed up with Sport England and equipment suppliers to provide superb ‘Join In’ packages which include everything organisations need to kick-start social table tennis, with table, bats, balls, resources and more to help get started, with options to meet every community’s needs.

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