The way leagues and counties affiliate to Table Tennis England each season has just become much easier.

A new online system has been created for Annual Returns, replacing the paper-based AFF and CA forms which have historically been completed by General Secretaries each year.

Developed by TT365, it makes the process much quicker and simpler as it means General Secretaries no longer have the arduous task of ringing around to find out such information as the number of junior members in a league, or personal details for everyone with a role in the league.

As the vast majority of data that is required is already stored within membership manager, league manager or club manager, this will now be filled in automatically on one single Annual Returns online form.

The General Secretary simply needs to validate the form. If the existing data is correct, the new online forms can be completed within two clicks. Full instructions can be seen in the comprehensive video ‘user guide’ below.

Furthermore, it makes it easier for Table Tennis England to maintain accurate contact lists for those with roles within leagues or counties at the start of each season.

What happens next?

Table Tennis England will send an email notification to all Reporting Officers, directly linking to their Annual Returns module. If you have not yet set your Reporting Officer, we will send the notification out to the General Secretary.

Leagues and counties will still need to follow this process once a year, every year in order to affiliate. If you do not complete the Annual Return, your league or county will not be affiliated and you will not receive any affiliation benefits, including insurance. Please note that once you have completed your submission, it cannot be edited again.

This season’s submission deadline is October 31st, after which overdue notifications will be sent.

User guide: