ETTA chair Sandra Deaton

The English Table Tennis Association has announced the make-up of its new Board of Directors.

The Board will be chaired by Sandra Deaton, with Keith Thomas remaining as treasurer. Chief executive Sara Sutcliffe also joins the Board.

Phil Huggon, Susie Hughes, Tom Purcell and Mike Smith, all previously vice-chairs with departmental responsibility, will serve on the new Board, while Andrew Nixon, previously a non-executive director, will remain in that role.

They will be joined by new directors Kelly Skeggs, Anna Lisa Tazartes and Colin Wilson, who were recently recruited following an open application process.

ETTA president Doreen Stannard will also attend Board meetings.

The post of deputy chair is vacant following the resignation of Richard Scruton to take up the position of Secretary-General of the European Table Tennis Union. The ETTA will be announcing the election process shortly.

Suzanne Airey, Phil Goulding and Harvey Webb, who were previously vice-chairs, will no longer serve on the Board.

ETTA chief executive Sara Sutcliffe said: “The appointment of the new non-executive Board following the passing of the new Articles of Association is another milestone for the ETTA.

“The complementary mix of skills, backgrounds and professional experiences will create a truly high-performing Board which I look forward to working with as we continue to transform table tennis in England.

“My personal gratitude goes to the outgoing members of the Board for their support and I am sure they will all continue to be involved in advisory capacities.”

Profiles of the new Board of Directors can be found here.

by Paul Stimpson (22nd April, 2014)