The fight for the medals at the Europe Youth Top 10 reaches its climax on day three at Worcester Arena on Sunday.

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Sunday’s schedule

Cadet Girls
Round 7 (9.30am)
T1 Elena Zaharia (ROU) v Jamila Laurenti (ITA)
T2 Camille Lutz (FRA) v Sophia Klee (GER)
T3 Anastasia Bondareva (GER) v Charlotte Bardsley (ENG)
T4 Wenna Tu (GER) v Isa Cok (FRA)
T5 Ozge Yilmaz (TUR) v Lou Frete (FRA)

Round 8 (1pm)
T1 Lutz v Laurenti
T2 Tu v Bardsley
T3 Yilmaz v Cok
T4 Bondareva v Frete
T5 Zaharia v Klee

Round 9 (4.20pm)
T1 Lutz v Zaharia
T2 Laurenti v Klee
T3 Bondareva v Cok
T4 Tu v Yilmaz
T5 Bardsley v Frete

Cadet Boys
Round 7 (10.20am)
T1 Csaba Andras (HUN) v Kay Stumper (GER)
T2 Bilal Hamache (FRA) v Samuel Kulczycki (POL)
T3 Olav Kosolosky (BEL) v Dorian Zheng (FRA)
T4 Martin Friis (SWE) v Daniel Rinderer (GER)
T5 Ethan Walsh (ENG) v Jules Cavaille (FRA)

Round 8 (1.50pm)
T1 Hamache v Stumper
T2 Friis v Cavaille
T3 Walsh v Zheng
T4 Kosolosky v Rinderer
T5 Andras v Kulczycki

Round 9 (5.10pm)
T1 Hamache v Andras
T2 Stumper v Kulczycki
T3 Friis v Zheng
T4 Kosolosky v Walsh
T5 Rinderer v Cavaille

Junior Girls
Round 7 (11.10am)
T1 Luisa Saeger (GER) v Andreea Dragoman (ROU)
T2 Adina Diaconu (ROU) v Anastasia Kolish (RUS)
T3 Jennie Wolf (GER) v Denise Payet (ENG)
T4 Izabela Lupulesku (SRB) v Lisa Lung (BEL)
T5 Zhang Xuan (ESP) v Tania Plaian (ROU)

Round 8 (2.40pm)
T1 Saeger v Payet
T2 Wolf v Plaian
T3 Zhang v Dragoman
T4 Lupulesku v Kolish
T5 Diaconu v Lung

Round 9 (6pm)
T1 Diaconu v Lupulesku
T2 Payet v Plaian
T3 Wolf v Dragoman
T4 Lung v Kolish
T5 Saeger v Zhang

Junior Boys
Round 7 (12pm)
T1 Ioannis Sgouropoulos (GRE) v Irvin Bertrand (FRA)
T2 Cristian Pletea (ROU) v Tobias Hippler (GER)
T3 Florian Cnudde (BEL) v Josh Bennett (ENG)
T4 Gerrit Engemann (GER) v Rares Sipos (ROU)
T5 Matteo Mutti (ITA) v Bastien Rembert (FRA)

Round 8 (3.30pm)
T1 Pletea v Bertrand
T2 Mutti v Sipos
T3 Engemann v Bennett
T4 Cnudde v Rembert
T5 Sgouropoulos v Hippler

Round 9 (6.50pm)
T1 Pletea v Sgouropoulos
T2 Bertrand v Hippler
T3 Mutti v Bennett
T4 Cnudde v Engemann
T5 Rembert v Sipos