Brighton Table Tennis Club has been praised by Jeremy Corbyn for their work with refugees and young people with learning difficulties.

The 68 year old politician was visiting the table tennis club ahead of this year’s Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Speaking of the club, the Labour Party Leader said:

Brighton Table Tennis Club is a club of hope, a place of sanctuary, a place of joy, and a place of opportunity.

When you’re coming here, you’re identifying by playing table tennis. Nothing else. Just playing table tennis.

It puts you all together, feeling strong, and it gives young people confidence and hope.

You’ll see that great feeling and very happy faces on everyone who is playing.

When asked about his own table tennis ability, Corbyn replied:

I’m a terrible player. In fact I’m the worst player in the club by a long way, but at least I try.

Despite Corbyn not being a natural table tennis player, the club members were still grateful he stopped by.

Brighton has also invited Prime Minister Theresa May to visit the club, however the Conservative Party Leader has yet to arrange a date.