This is the last Friday’s Photos before a summer break. First I would like to thank each and every one who has contacted me over the 86 weeks since we started. It has been a real delight to have been contacted by so many people, not just in England but from around the world, many with information but also from those requesting help with their research.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of people that look at the pictures each week. Since January 2016 there have been 18,856 unique visitors and a huge wealth of knowledge has been added to the records.

Many thanks too for all the additional material that has been added to our archives by way of photographs, programmes, scrapbooks and other ephemera. Any other contributions would be appreciated.

Enjoy the summer and any ideas for features that you would like to see next season would be welcome as the supply of unknown photos is dwindling. As always I can be contacted on [email protected]

To finish, here are some of my favourite images from the archives. I hope you enjoy them.

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Photo 1

01.07.16 1. Perry_F_J, Land_Mrs_W_H, Ingram_Joan, Somerville_Miss_B, Wildde_F_H_D.

Fred Perry, Mrs Wendy Land, Miss Joan Ingram, Miss Brenda Somerville, Frank Wilde. All England Internationals. The picture shows a very young Fred Perry who became World Men’s Singles Champion in 1929 and later went on to win Wimbledon.


Photo 2

2. 1929 - England Team arriving Budapest 1928-29. FHD Wilde, GJ Ross, CH Bull, IM, L Bellak, Miss J Ingram,M Szabados, Mrs IM, Miss Marjorie Haydon, AE Stillwell, FJ Perry, AA Haydon. Hirlop Fotoriport.

The 1929 England Team arriving in Budapest. Photograph includes Frank Wilde, George Ross, Charles Bull, Ivor Montagu, Laszlo Bellak, Miss Joan Ingram, Miklos Szabados, Mrs Ivor Montagu, Miss Marjorie Haydon, AE (Teddy) Stillwell, Fred Perry, Adrian Haydon.


Photo 3

01.07.16 3. English Open Dec 1950 at Wembley. Photo Picture Post from S Kempster.

English Open, December 1950 at Wembley.


Photo 4

01.07.16 4. Sharman_Ron Swaythling Cup player and Surrey cty representative Metropolitan Open at the Regent Street Polytec. 7 Jan 1950. Central Press Photos.

Ron Sharman, Swaythling Cup and Surrey County player at the Metropolitan Open, Regent Street Polytechnic. 7th January 1950.


Photo 5

01.07.16 5. Royal Albert Hall. Daily Mirror National Tournament 1950-51. Women's Singles Final. D Rowe (W Ealing) v Mrs P Lammin (Grimsby).

Royal Albert Hall. Daily Mirror National Tournament 1950-51. Women’s Singles Final. Diane Rowe (West Ealing) v Mrs P Lammin (Grimsby).


Photo 6

01.07.16 6. Vint, Pegg, Rowe, Rowe. 15.10.1952.

Bill Vint, Kathy Pegg, Diane Rowe, Rosalind Rowe look on as preparations are made for a major tournament. October 1952.


Photo 7

01.07.16 7. Bergmann_Richard & Leach_Johnny. Kumamoto at Wataya Hotel 13th July 1953. From Leslie Woollard Collection.

Richard Bergmann and Johnny Leach. Kumamoto at Wataya Hotel, 13th July 1953. From Leslie Woollard Collection.


Photo 8

01.07.16 8. Rowe_Rosalind and Diane 14 April 1954. Photo Keystone.

Rosalind and Diane Rowe, 14th April 1954. Women’s Doubles World Champions on their 21st birthday. Empire Pool & Sports Arena, Wembley.


Photo 9

01.07.16 9. Haydon_Ann takes a rikshaw ride in Tokyo March 30, driver is fixing cover used in bad weather. Associated Press.

World Championships 1956. Ann Haydon takes a rickshaw ride in Tokyo, 30th March 1956, the driver is fixing the cover used in bad weather. Ann, now Mrs Ann Jones, former Wimbledon champion, was formerly an England International who was ranked World No 2.


Photo 10

01.07.16 10. Crayden_Ron. The Charm School, Children's Palace, China.

Ron Crayden at the Charm School, Children’s Palace, China. 1970s.


Photo 11

01.07.16 11. Douglas_Des. Untitled 6.

A classic of Desmond Douglas, MBE.


Photo 12

01.07.16 12. Hilton_John European Champion. Courtesy George Yates.

John Hilton, European Champion. Berne, Switzerland, April 1980. Courtesy George Yates.


Photo 13

01.07.16 13. Parker_Jill and Don . English Open Birmingham January 1992. Photo John Fairweather.

Jill and Don Parker. English Open, Birmingham, January 1992. Photo John Fairweather.


Photo 14

01.07.16 14. Alan Cooke CG06_23 and Paul Drinkhall Commonwealth Games 2006

Men’s Doubles Semi-finalists Alan Cooke and Paul Drinkhall. Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, March 2006.


Photo 15

01.07.16 15. Welch_Steve and Ho Tin-Tin

Tin-Tin Ho with Referee, Steve Welch. April 2007.


Photo 16

01.07.16 16. Dunlop Masters, Royal Albert Hall. March 2008

Dunlop Masters, Royal Albert Hall. March 2008.

From June 24, 2016 (Week 86)

Photo 1

24.06.16 img490

Sealink Milton Keynes Team of:

Back Row: Skylet Andrew (England), Chester Barnes (England), Barry Griffiths (New Zealand)

Front Row: Douggie Johnson (England), Richard Yule (Scotland), Bob Tuckett (Australia)


Photo 2

24.06.16 img491

Pete Bowsley (Hull Coaching Secretary), John Krier (Luxembourg Number 1 who studied at Hull University and played for Hull and Yorkshire Second Team), Lynda Sutton (Hull Number 1 and Yorkshire Second Team), Tony Clayton (England International).


Photo 3

24.06.16 img492

Dave Newman and Linda Barrow at an Essex Closed.


Photo 4

24.06.16 img493

Robert Warner, Eastbourne Junior Champion and Sussex Junior County Player.


Photo 5a and 5b

24.06.16 img495

Michael Sobell Sports Centre in London. No additional information on people or event.

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