I had many replies to last week’s photos with a fair bit of additional information on the pictures. My thanks go as always to all who have contacted me.

Any information this week or for previous weeks would be much appreciated . I can be contacted on [email protected]

Another five photos this week and again an eclectic mix.

Photo 1

24.06.16 img490

Skylet Andrew and Chester Barnes are on the back row with Douggie Johnson and Richard Yule of Scotland in the front.  Can you name the other two players and when and where it was taken?



Photo 2

24.06.16 img491

A smiling Tony Clayton on the right but what is the occasion and who are the other people in this picture?



Photo 3

24.06.16 img492

Can anyone identify these two players and when and where it was taken?



Photo 4

24.06.16 img493

Who is this happy looking youngster?



Photo 5a and 5b

24.06.16 img495

Two photos taken outside the Michael Sobell Sports Centre in London. Does anyone know who the people are, when it was taken and the occasion?


From June 17

Photo 1


Greek Team of Mr Kostopolous (Coach), Kalin Kreanga who played for Ormesby in the 1980s, Ioninis Kordoutis, Nathanieal Tsiokas, Panagiotis Gionis.



Photo 2


The ‘Rejects’ team of Peter Harry, Richard Beckham, Noel Carpenter, sponsor of the club and many local events, Mick O’Leary and Gary Spencer taken at Larkhall TTC in Stockwell, London SW. The club was set up in the mid 1980s by Mike Patin initially for players who were rejected from other clubs. It was based in Stockwell before moving to Wallington and had annexes around the capital including Croydon and Wood Green.  It soon became a hot bed of talent in Lon don, Surrey and Sussex. The ‘Rejects’ are now known as ‘Crusaders’ and the club continues to produce many county cadets including the current Surrey number 1 and 2.



Photo 3


Women’s British League with Alan Ransome (far left), Fiona Elliot, Jackie Billington, Claire Plumridge, Jill Parker.



Photo 4


Michael Isherwood who was the Grand Prix Men’s Overall Singles Champion in 1999/2000, Russell King and Alan Cooke. Michael subsequently went to live in Spain.



Photo 5

Eddie Smith from Northumberland.