To follow on from the last two years’ worth of ‘Friday’s Photos’ and as I am almost at the end of unknown photographs I thought I would change the emphasis for the next year.

Instead of a weekly feature I am going to write a monthly one which will come out on the first Friday of each month – hence the title change.

The feature this month is looking back a few years on some of our most prominent players of today along with an odd photo from the past. As you can see, some players have hardly altered since their younger days whilst with others the difference is significant.

Digital images took over from film a little more than ten years ago and the loss of the magazine, Table Tennis News, in 2010 meant that the way photographs are now recorded and stored has changed. However, there are many gaps in the Photo Archives as many images have been lost or destroyed including those featured in TTN in the latter years.

So if you have any pictures that you would like to pass on to add to the heritage of the Association I would be delighted to hear from you. My contact details are [email protected]

Photo 1

Alan Cooke, Kelly Sibley, Emma Vickers and Joanna Parker (2008)


Photo 2

Chris Doran (2007)


Photo 3

Carole Moore (Knight, 1983)


Photo 4

Darius Knight and Paul Drinkhall with Alan Ransome (2002)


Photo 5

Gareth Herbert


Photo 6

Gavin Evans, David McBeath, Liam Pitchford and Sean Cullen (2007)


Photo 7

Maurice Goldstein with a young Carl Prean


Photo 8

Hannah Hicks (2009)


Photo 9

Jo Parker at the National Team Finals in 1999


Photo 10

Karina Le Fevre (2006)


Photo 11

Maria Tsaptsinos at the Under-10 to Under-14 Nationals in 2011


Photo 12

Michael O’Driscoll (photo by Michael Loveder)


Photo 13

Sam Walker (2010)


Photo 14

Tin-Tin Ho


Photo 15

Tom Jarvis at the National Cadet Championships in 2011