More people are playing table tennis regularly, according to the latest participation figures released by Sport England today.

The Active People Survey shows increases in both able-bodied and disability participation in the last 12 months.

A total of 107,100 people aged 16 and over are playing for at least 30 minutes every week, up from 93,500 a year ago – a rise of 13,600.

The number of people with disabilities who play every month has gone up from 29,100 a year ago to 35,500 now, an increase of 6,400.

This is the final report of the Active People Survey (APS), which has measured sports participation since 2005/06 and is based on telephone responses.

APS has now been replaced by the Active Lives Survey, which is an online questionnaire which people can fill in on smartphones, tablets and desktops. There is also a postal option.

More information will be collected about respondents’ demographics, location and activities than under APS.

Table Tennis England Chief Executive Sara Sutcliffe said: “We’re delighted to see this increase in both able-bodied and disability participation.

“Activity in clubs, schools, workplaces and community venues continues to flourish and we’d like to thank all of our clubs, coaches and volunteers that have worked tirelessly support this.

“We’re now looking forward to the new Active Lives Survey, which will provide even more detailed information about people’s sporting activities and allow us to build on the work we are doing.”