Sandra Deaton and Ronald Kramer cut the cake to mark the official opening of the ETTA offices in Milton Keynes

The ETTA’s new headquarters in Milton Keynes has been officially opened.

Ronald Kramer, the president of the European Table Tennis Union, performed the ceremony alongside ETTA chair Sandra Deaton.

Mr Kramer told the gathered ETTA staff: “New offices provide an impetus, and with new ideas and new people, I’m looking forward to good co-operation with you.”

Mr Kramer also had a sneak preview of the new branding of the ETTA.

He said: “I’m very happy with your new logo, it shows table tennis is not just an organisation but is a family and this is what we’re trying to develop in Europe and worldwide. It’s about people who enjoy their game at all levels.”

Mr Kramer and Mrs Deaton cut a special table tennis cake to commemorate the opening, and Mrs Deaton presented the president with a glass memento to mark his visit.

The ETTA moved to the city from Hastings in March.

by Paul Stimpson (April 16, 2014)