The two main rule changes made at the 2013 AGM both concerned affiliation. The first introduced the principle of a “Membership Year”, which will run from 1st August to the following 31st July. Anyone wishing to play competitive table tennis during this period must first affiliate as a Player Member. He or she will then remain affiliated until the following 30th September without further payment, but cannot take part in competitive table tennis after 31st July until Player Membership is renewed.

In the second change, proposed affiliation fees for the coming year will be circulated together with rule change proposals, so that amendments to fees can be submitted and debated at the AGM in the same way as for proposed rule changes. Where Leagues collect affiliation fees on behalf of the ETTA, those received by 30th September must be forwarded to the ETTA by 7th October and any received subsequently must be returned at least quarterly, and not later than 14 days after 31st December, 31st March and 30th June.

All of the other changes were clarifications or corrections of omissions in existing rules, with no change of principle.

Written by Colin Clemett (July 22, 2013)