Entries are now open for the 2016-17 English Leagues Cup Competitions, with four trophies available for Senior and Junior players, male and female.

The competition has been running since 1935 when the first Wilmott Cup matches were played. The Wilmott Cup (Men), J M Rose Bowl (Women), Carter Cup (Junior Boys) and Bromfield Trophy (Junior Girls) are the only National Inter League competitions in the country.

Entry forms have now been sent to all Local League Secretaries and are also attached at the foot of this page. The document also includes competition rules and other information.

Last season Chester/Ellesmere Port took the Wilmott Cup title and Leicester the J M Rose Bowl, Crawley/Horsham League youngsters did the double in the junior events, winning both the Carter Cup and Bromfield Trophy. Will new names be added this year?

The closing date for all competitions is Monday, February 20, 2017 with zonal rounds for the juniors on Saturday, April 8, and the seniors on Sunday, April 9, 2017.

The finals are to be played at Westfield TTC, Wellingborough with the Wilmott Cup and J M Rose Bowl matches on Saturday, June 17, and the Carter Cup and Bromfield Trophy on Sunday, June 18.

The winning 2016 line-up from Chester/Ellesmere Port

Local Leagues can enter as many teams as they wish in each of the events. It should be noted that every entry must be approved by the relevant Local League.

For any queries I can be contacted on [email protected]