Both England Leopards men and women will face opponents they met in the qualifying rounds at the European Team Championships later this year.

The draw for the championships in Luxembourg in September was carried out yesterday, supervised by Stuart Sherlock, who will referee the tournament.

England’s men will line up in Group E against Netherlands – who they twice beat in the qualifying group – Denmark and Ireland in the second-tier Challenge Division.

Meanwhile, the women will again face Slovenia, who they beat 3-2 home and away in qualifying, as well as Greece and Israel, in Group H of the Challenge Division.

The full draw is as follows:

Women’s Championships Division
Group A: Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Croatia
Group B: Romania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Group C: Austria, Portugal, Ukraine, Spain
Group D: Poland, Russia, France, Belarus

Women’s Challenge Division
Group E: Slovak Republic, Lithuania, Switzerland, Finland
Group F: Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Denmark
Group G: Turkey, Wales, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria
Group H: England, Slovenia, Greece, Israel

Women’s Standard Division
Group I: Norway, Estonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Latvia, Scotland, Macedonia

Men’s Championships Division
Group A: Germany, Croatia, Spain, Belarus
Group B: Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Slovak Republic
Group C: Sweden, Greece, Russia, Luxembourg
Group D: France, Romania, Poland, Ukraine

Men’s Challenge Division
Group E: England, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland
Group F: Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland
Group G: Hungary, Belgium, Finland, Estonia
Group H: Italy, Serbia, Israeli, Lithuania

Men’s Standard Division
Group I: Latvia, Norway, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Cyprus
Group J: Scotland, Wales, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia