Members of the ETTA have approved Doreen Stannard as its new President at the recent annual general meeting.

Doreen has had a long association with table tennis, during which time she has given many years of service to the sport.

She has played the sport in and around London for more than 50 years until she finally hung up her bat last year. She has also been actively involved in voluntary, administrative roles and umpiring for many decades.

Some of her key achievements during the many years she has given service to this sport are:

• Respected member of the ETTA National Council since 1979
• Honorary Life Member of ETTA (1988)
• ETTA 100 Club Secretary for 36 years
• Qualified as County Umpire in 1964
• National Umpire in 1972
• International Umpire in 1981
• English Championships Committee: member of 1972 to 1979 (Chair: 1980 to 1990)
• National Events Committee: 1991 to 1992
• Marketing Committee: 1992 to 1995
• National Events Committee: 1995 to 1999
• National Championships Committee Chairman: 1999 to 2011
• Member of Marketing Committee from 2012 to date
• Joined Middlesex County Association in 1966, became Deputy Chairman in 1980 to date.
• Local League Chairman from 1977 to 2003.

In 2010 Doreen received a Platinum Award for Voluntary Service to Sport from the London Federation of Sport and Recreation

Doreen said: “When I started out on my table tennis journey in the early 60s, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to receive this honour. Accepting this honour I am so privileged and proud, and thank the honours committee for their belief in me.

“My journey has been influenced mainly by four gentlemen, John Wright, who started me on the trail and then guided me for many years; Arthur Upton, my long-time colleague on the National Council; Tony Wickens, ETTA solicitor; and Keith Ponting, who was the previous President of the ETTA. I will endeavour always to do the ETTA proud and thank my colleagues on National Council for their support”

Written by Paul Cornell (July 23, 2013)