Mental health campaigner Richard Kirby came up against England international Danny Reed for his latest in a series of challenges.

NHS worker Richard launched his series, encompassing sporting and other challenges, in 2014 to raise awareness of the charity Mind and the Time to Change programme, which aims to end mental health discrimination.

Having already accomplished a string of impressive feats, his latest was to tackle Commonwealth Games medallist Danny before a recent Ormesby British League fixture, with thanks to Ormesby Chairman Alan Ransome OBE.

Given the gulf in class, Richard said he felt very nervous beforehand, but in the warm-up he found he was able to hit a number of shots over to Danny’s side of the net.

The opening game did not go too well but at 10-0 Richard scored the next point by hitting a blistering forehand.

Action from the match at Ormesby

The second game was a little closer as Richard managed to score three points against the English international, but the third game however went more in Danny’s direction at 11-1.

Richard described it as a great experience, adding: “I have been lucky enough to face top-class athletes in a number of sports and this was a hugely rewarding challenge.”

Danny went on to win both of his sets in the Ormesby Table Tennis Club 8-0 victory over Cardiff City later in the day.

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