From next month, we’re changing the way we publish our Rankings for England-qualified players.

As part of changes made at the start of this season to the way the Rankings and Ratings are calculated, foreign players were added to the Ratings list, creating a complete record of all players active in England.

This was because we felt players who pay membership fees to Table Tennis England and who compete at tournaments and in leagues in this country – and who have done so in some cases for many years – should be included.

However, we recognise that many of our members wish to see an extended list of Rankings – the list of those players eligible to play for England – in addition to the Ratings.

From November, we are therefore extending the Rankings list from the top 30 players in every category to the top 300 (where applicable).

The next monthly lists will be published on November 6 barring unforeseen circumstances.

Paul Stimpson
October 23, 2014