If you ever pick up a bat and play table tennis we want YOU to help us shape the future by taking part in the biggest survey ever carried out in the sport.

The Big Table Tennis Conversation, launched today, is an ambitious project which will see us engage with people across our sport; from long-standing club and league players to those who play socially or, who volunteer in or support the sport in other ways.

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The survey aims to help us understand more about who is playing our sport, enabling Table Tennis England to create better experiences and value for them and, to ensure they remain active in the sport for as long as possible.

With conferences, focus groups and follow up surveys still to come, this is set to be the most comprehensive consultation we have ever undertaken, and will go a long way to shaping future developments and initiatives, and help us to remove any barriers which currently prevent people from playing.

The survey will cover a number of key areas:

  • For our members, we want to hear what they value most about their current relationship with the sport and their membership with us and, importantly, what they would most value for the future.
  • For our social and recreational players, we want to build a better picture of who they are and when they play and, if and how they interact with the sport in other ways – from following table tennis on social media through to watching and attending live events. They will also share views that may help us understand if we can improve our current programmes, including Ping Pong Parlours and Loop at Work.
  • For young people, we want to understand how and why they got into the sport. The results will help us develop our strategy to entice and retain more young people into the sport. Due to data protection laws, only those aged 16 or over can take part, so we encourage parents or carers to answer on their behalf.
  • For women and girls, we are keen to hear about what makes them engage with the sport so we can help them to get the most out of their involvement, and encourage more women to play.

As a thank you to all those who give their time to complete the survey, there are some amazing prizes up for grabs:

Prizes for participating

  • 10x £100 Love2Shop or Amazon voucher
  • £100 Butterfly voucher from Tees Sport
  • £50 Butterfly vouchers from Tees Sport
  • A one-on-one masterclass with a Team England coach
  • An indoor Loop at Work package for your workplace
  • An indoor Ping in the Community package for your community
  • A place on a Level 1 coaching course for your club
  • A Teachers or Young Leaders course for your school

In addition, we will be giving away signed merchandise and other prizes every week through our social media channels – use the hashtag #BigTTConvo

This is just the start of The Big Conversation – and it begins with you completing the survey, which we estimate will take 5-15 minutes, depending on your responses. We can’t wait to hear from you, so click the button now to make sure we capture your opinion.

If you have any Big Conversation questions or ideas then please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or follow us on social media and share your thoughts with the hashtag #BigTTConvo

Begin the survey by clicking the button below, or going to www.tabletennisengland.co.uk/BigConvo

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