At the recent Table Tennis England AGM, a proposal was passed to remove the Associate Membership fee for 2015/16. This means that players who wish to only play socially or in closed club tournaments will no longer have to pay an annual fee.

This will remove a possible barrier to membership, helping clubs and the sport as a whole to grow. It will also help Table Tennis England to gather more accurate data about club and social players who do not take part in organised competition and, based on what clubs and players tell us, this will enable us to plan and deliver new initiatives.

Associate Members will still need to affiliate via our membership portal for this season to be covered by our Civil Liability insurance and be eligible for any member offers.

We would like to remind PremierClubs that it is still a requirement of the PremierClub programme that clubs register all players as at least Associate Members with Table Tennis England. Remember that the insurance policy for the PremierClub is only valid if all participants are registered members of Table Tennis England. Failure to do so could leave the club liable for legal costs in the event of an accident.

For the avoidance of doubt, any players who are not registered with us will NOT be covered by civil liability insurance.

Associate Members will also have ready access to information about all of Table Tennis England’s initiatives to help the game and individuals within it to develop. This includes easy access to coaching and umpiring courses, regular newsletters and communications and any member offers.

For more information on becoming an Associate Member please click here.