Two of the key roles of every National Sports Governing body is to support its core participants in its sport; and to encourage new players of all ages and standards.

Table Tennis England is no exception to that. And, like every other National Governing Body, we are constantly examining where and how we can best achieve these aims.

It is a financial reality that we do not have an endless supply of funds and we need to see where we can make the most impact, which includes supporting our elite international players; encouraging club and league development; providing tournaments for all ages and abilities and in all geographical locations; and laying the foundations to help to encourage participation at all levels.

Social table tennis

I know that many of our members are actively involved in encouraging the development of the sport in many ways and I want to draw your attention to some initiatives from Table Tennis England which can help introduce our sport at a social level, and from there we can build and develop our game in a wider community.

We can help provide discounted table tennis packages, including tables, bats and equipment through:

** Loop at Work – in the workplace;

** Loop in the Clubhouse – in existing sports or social clubs which don’t already have table tennis;

** Loop on Campus – in universities and colleges;

** Coming soon is Loop in the Community – to provide a package of equipment and resources for spaces and venues such as village and church halls, youth clubs and Local Authority run leisure facilities that want to provide social playing opportunities for their community.

There will be other initiatives aimed at wider introduction of the game in the coming months.

For more information about the Loop initiatives, click here

Competitive table tennis

In addition to supporting new opportunities to play, we are acutely aware that we need to continue to assist with the development and growth of table tennis at a competitive level.

** European Team Championships: Our international players continue to go from strength to strength and I am delighted that we have a series of internationals on home soil as the men’s and women’s teams compete for qualification in the European Team Championships. I hope many of you will be able to attend these events and see our elite athletes take on the best in Europe.

** Europe Youth Top 10: Tin-Tin Ho has just returned from the European Youth Top 10 with a creditable sixth place. Next year, England will be hosting this event and we look forward to welcoming more of the top European players here.

** Grand Prix and tournaments: Our tournament year is well under way with the series of Grand Prix and more local and regional tournaments. More information about forthcoming tournaments can be found by clicking here

** Female coaches: I am pleased that Table Tennis England has just awarded scholarships to 28 female coaches to help them finance the cost of coaching courses.


Finally, it is with a huge sense of pride that I congratulate our Paralympians on a tremendous performance in Rio. Not only were their achievements on the table to be admired, but their conduct off the table and the ambassadorial role they all played for our sport, earn our respect and gratitude.

And particular congratulations to our medallists Will Bayley and Rob Davies, who won singles golds, and Will, Ross Wilson and Aaron McKibbin, who won team bronze.