Would you like to feed into the development of a new local league programme for the sport?

Over the past few months, there has been some initial research, scoping and understanding about what a new local league programme could look like for the sport, to support local leagues to grow into the future.

We would like to invite local league players, club, league or county administrators or parents to come forward, to share findings so far and gather feedback for the next steps of the project.

The primary objective of the project is to develop a local league product fit for the future, and to drive participation and engagement with table tennis at a local level.

The new product needs to appeal and engage with our traditional market, but should also be exciting and fresh enough to expand and engage with new audiences and age groups to stimulate growth.

The focus will be on experience, offering a shorter format local league opportunity, to allow a healthy balance of exciting league game play with the all-important social aspect.

Table Tennis England Head of Development and Volunteering, Greg Yarnall, said: “We hope that through the development of this new local league product, leagues that would like to and are able to adapt, can try something new to grow and/or diversify their local league into the future.

“As part of the product development, we plan to create all the tools and marketing materials that a local league would need to reach out and appeal to current players, as well as attract new players and teams into their league.”

If you would be interested in contributing to discussions, please email Chris Newton by March 12.