Youngsters and coaches at the session at Deighton

Deighton Table Tennis Club in Huddersfield welcomed some new recruits to the sport at a three-hour Introduction To Table Tennis session.

A group of youngsters attended from the Batley Young People Centre & Fieldhead Birstall, the first session of its type at the club and planned by lead coach Paul Simpson, assisted by one of the club’s other coaches, Godfrey Gabriel.

The session covered key areas, including rules of the game, holding of the bat, forehand drive, backhand drive, forehand push, backhand push, how to serve correctly and footwork drills, plus some fun drills, and all who attended were given a certificate from the club.

Deighton are looking to run some more of these sessions in the coming year to bring more people into playing table tennis.

Paul Simpson, Deighton TTC
February 16, 2015