Today at the Under 11/121/13/14 National Championships in Doncaster it was the turn of the younger players to show their skills.

In the Under 12 Boys Singles no 1 seed Hugo Pang of Dorset was eliminated in the semi-finals in a tight match by a strong display from no 4 seed Vincent Stacey of Middlesex. No 2 seed Marcus Giles of Surrey defeated no 3 seed Daniel McTiernan in three straight games in the semi-finals and continued strongly in the final to defeat Vincent Stacey, also in three straight games.

Nobody could stand in the way of Tin-Tin Ho as she marched to her fourth championship of the weekend with straight set wins over Abigail Griffiths of Lancashire in the semi-finals and Letita McMullan of Hampshire in the final of the Under 12 Girls Singles.

Hugo Pang justified his no 1 seeding in the Under 11 Boys Singles beating Joshua Bennett of Sussex who had performed excellently to reach the final from the no 5 seeded position.

The Under 11 Girls would have been highly delighted that at last Tin-Tin is too old for this category and therefore somebody else could take a Championship after three years of domination by an outstanding player.

Abigail Griffiths of Lancashire grabbed the chance to compensate for her defeat in the Under 12 Girls by Tin-Tin. Seeded no 1 and with all four seeds reaching the semi-finals Abigail defeated Stephanie Cross of Essex, the number 3= seed in the semi-final in 3 straight games, and the other No 3= seed Imogen Barber of Yorkshire in the final in a hard fought five game match.

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Photo Tin-Tin Ho – won all 4 Championships she was eligible for.

Malcolm Macfarlane