Six English players are heading to the GAC Group 2012 ITTF World Tour German Open in Bremen that begins tomorrow with 19-year-old Liam Pitchford leading the charge.

The English number 2 recently struck another big international blow when he beat Robert Gardos (AUT, 32) at the 2012 European Championships in Denmark. But, not content with that victory, he then beat German Patrick Baum (30) last weekend in the Bundesliga.

Although his TTF Liebherr Ochenhausen side lost 3-2 to league leaders Borussia Dusseldorf (inc. Timo Boll) the youngster’s confidence will be on a high comparable to his 2011 successes at the previous European Championships.

While he is seeded for the Under-21s draw, he has also received a favourable Men’s Singles qualification draw against Stanislav Golovanov (BUL, 256) and Salvador Uribe (MEX, 806).

Also in action in Bremen are fellow Olympians Paul Drinkhall and Andrew Baggaley. Drinkhall, who plays in Bremen and will play a league match on Tuesday before the event, has been drawn in Group 3 of the Men’s Singles against Piotr Chodorski (POL, 353) and Frederick Jost (GER, 427).

Meanwhile, Baggaley, who is a regular for his German side SV Pluderhausen, faces Nima Alamian (IRI, 285) and Kristian Kobes (SVK, 533).

The final three Englishmen in action; Darius Knight, David McBeath and Gavin Evans all face harder ties as second or third seeds in their respective groups. While Evans and McBeath will have to overturn heavy seeding differentials to progress, Knight will be planning a shock on Pavel Platonov (BLR, 156) in his group.

All six players are also involved in doubles action as Paul Drinkhall and Liam Pitchford pair up while Andrew Baggaley/Darius Knight and Gavin Evans/David McBeath will also compete on Thursday.

Ahead of the England vs Netherlands match in Portsmouth on Tuesday 20th November, the players will get a sneak preview of their relatively unknown opposition as Dutch players Ewout Oostwouder and Casper Ter Luun face English opposition.

As with all ITTF World Tour events there will be live, streamed coverage of the matches on table 1 and 2 in Bremen on itTV. Three of the opening matches for English players have so far been selected with Drinkhall, McBeath and Evans all featured.

GAC Group 2012 ITTF World Tour German Open Draw:
Men’s Singles (Qualifying – times in GMT):

Group 3:
Paul Drinkhall (85)
Piotr Chodorski (POL, 353) Thurs 13:45
Frederick Jost (GER, 427) Wed 15:00 – table 2

Group 21:
Andrew Baggaley (136)
Nima Alamian (IRI, 285) Thurs 10:45
Kristian Kobes (SVK, 533) Wed 15:45

Group 25:
Quentin Robinot (FRA, 141) Wed 16:30
Yevhen Pryshchepa (UKR, 274) Wed 12:00 – table 1
David McBeath (572)

Group 27:
Grigory Vlasov (RUS, 138) Wed 16:30
Cedric Nuytinck (BEL, 272) Wed 12:00
Gavin Evans (666)

Group 29:
Pavel Platonov (BLR, 156) Thurs 10:45
Darius Knight (256)
Ewout Oostwouder (NED, 766) Wed 12:00

Group 30:
Liam Pitchford (137)
Stanislav Golovanov (BUL, 256) Thurs 10:45
Salvador Uribe (MEX, 806) Wed 16:30

Men’s Doubles (Qualifying):
Paul Drinkhall/Liam Pitchford vs Petko Gabrovski/Gordan Grozdanov (BUL) Thurs 16:45
Gavin Evans/David McBeath vs Omar Assar (EGY)/Borna Kovac (NED) Thurs 16:45
Andrew Baggaley/Darius Knight vs Ewout Oostwouder/Casper Ter Luun (NED) Thurs 16:45

Boy’s Under-21s Singles:
Seeded – Liam Pitchford

Qualifying Group 9:
Yuto Higashi (JPN, 245) Wed 20:00
Frederick Jost (GER, 427) Wed 18:30
David McBeath (572)

Qualifying Group 11:
Hunor Szocs (ROU, 240) Wed 20:00 – table 1
Benjamin Brossier (FRA, 359) Wed 18:30
Gavin Evans (666)