World-class equipment for sale!!

Fancy being the owner of some top quality tt equipment? Then look no further as the ETTA are looking to sell equipment previously only used once and at some of the world’s finest events; including the Men’s World Cup…

The equipment is of the highest quality and comes from one of the world’s leading table tennis brands (DHS). They even come at great prices and are pieces to treasure; not many people can say that they’ve used the same equipment that was used at some of the world’s top events.

To find out more please contact Zach Ferris from the events department on: 01424 456204 or [email protected]

Terms – buyer collects at own cost from ETTA HQ in Hastings. (Negotiations can be made about smaller items being taken to events by ETTA staff)

Item Quantity Notes Price
DHS umpire tables 9 Wooden, blue – used once £10 each
Brand New DHS umpire tables 2 Same as above but still in boxes £20 each
Electronic timeout counters 2 Red, triangular, come with charger £5 each
Plastic sleeves 23 Branded – Nectar capital (2.33m) FOC*
Plastic sleeves 23 Branded – DHS (2.33m) FOC*
Plastic sleeves 13 Branded – Konica Minolta (2.33m) FOC*
Plastic sleeves 19 Branded – Welcome to Yorkshire (2.33m) FOC*

* is free of charge with any other purchase (if you wish to claim some, please inform of how many and which ones) No frames supplied just the plastic sleeves.

Written by Zach Ferris (August 1, 2013)