Jordyn layfield


Play was brief in round 1 with only three games, before the main competition started in round 2.


Mary Fuller, 3-1
Abbie Milwain, 3-0
Annabele Morle, 3-1
Natalie Slater, 3-2
Emily Bates, 3-1
Karen Shepherd, 3-0
Tressa Armitage, 3-0


The top half of the table saw clean sweeps from 3 out of the 4, whilst the bottom half all dropped one each. Jessica Dawson supplied the big upset, taking the much higher ranked Sanja Clements to seven ends before taking the win 4-3.


Joanna Parker, 4-0
Jessica Dawson, 4-3
Emma Vickers, 4-0
Hannah Hicks, 4-0
Natalie Slater, 4-1
Karen Shepherd, 4-1
Lindsey Reynolds, 4-1
Kelly Sibley, 4-1

James Cornford