Rd 1

There were only three matches played in round 1, Whyte/Dawson, May/Smith and Layfield/Langford, all progressing through as a result of 3-0 wins to meet the rest of the players that got a BYE into round 2.


Parker/Sibley, BYE
Whyte/Dawson, 3-0
Shepherd/Hallows, BYE
Baker/Wilson, BYE
Potts/Collier, BYE
Griffith/Griffith, BYE
Radford/Graham, BYE
Fuller/Bates, BYE
Hicks/Reynolds, BYE
May/Smith, 3-0
Rose/Cohen, BYE
King/Armitage, BYE
Morle/Donnelly, BYE
Shaler/Murdoch, BYE
Layfield/Langford, 3-0
Le Fevre/Vickers, BYE

Rd 2

There were no surprises in the second round, all of the favourites still in contention.


Parker/Sibley, 3-1
Shepherd/Hallows, 3-1
Potts/Collier, 3-0
Fuller/Bates, 3-1
Hicks/Reynolds, 3-1
King/Armitage, W/O
Morle/Donnelly, 3-1
Le Fevre/Vickers, 3-0

James Cornford