Will Bayley says self-belief will help him overcome injury and get to the Tokyo Paralympics – where winning a medal would be his biggest achievement.

In an interview with BBC reporter Kate Grey, which was shown on BBC Breakfast today, Will said he was recovering from the knee injury which curtailed his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing last year.

He said: “On my day I’m the best player in the world. I really believe in myself and I think that’s a massive part of it. If you believe you can win on a month’s training, two months’ training, three months’ training, then you’ve got half a chance – if you write yourself off, you’ve got no chance, so I’m not going to write myself off.

“People will be saying it’s impossible, probably, but I believe it’s possible. It would be my biggest achievement if I could bring back a medal from Tokyo.”

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Will also said he had no regrets about competing on Strictly, adding: “It was such a great experience. It’s such a massive show. I didn’t realise how big it was, I don’t think, until I came out of it and I went into shopping centres and everything and I had so much support from everyone it was amazing.”