After an aggressive and assertive performance of a Paso Doble last week on Strictly Come Dancing, Will Bayley continues his journey in catching the public’s hearts through his exuberant personality.

This week Bayley and partner Janette Manrara will attempt the Foxtrot. A dance that originated in the United States of America, during the roaring 1920s. It is a dance characterised through its long continuous flowing movements that allow the dancer to glide effortlessly across the ballroom floor in a beautiful, romantic, story-telling fashion. A combination of weaving and feather steps are required to emulate the smooth dancing styles of greats Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers, and many more.

Bayley will be dancing to “Seniorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. A song that was written by the young couple that expresses the romantic partnership between the pair. The challenge for Bayley this week is can he transmit the romantic aspect of the song through dance and nail the artistic side that the judges have been craving.

“I wish I could pretend I didn’t need you”, but we do need Bayley to remain on our television on a Saturday night! Table Tennis England is still #BackBayley and wishes Bayley and Manrara the best of luck for the weekend.

Viewers can vote online after all performances are finished. Remember to register an account with the BBC here, and then you are all set to go when the voting commences.

Table Tennis England is backing Bayley to help promote the sport to a new audience, and show that table tennis is for everyone. We are proud to promote inclusivity throughout our sport, and we encourage all of our clubs to use disability-friendly facilities. For further information, visit our being inclusive section.

Bayley dances the Poké Doble