Werrington Table Tennis Club entered two teams in the Peterborough and District league this season, and what a season it has turned out to be.

The Werrington Aces team Harry Davies, Jack Moore, Nick Rate and Rachit Vakharia were unbeaten in the 1st Division and finished champions, part one of the treble.

They also enjoyed a great run in the Handicap cup competition finding their way to the final against the Premier Division champions also unbeaten in their league season. The boys rose to the challenge and emerged winners by a comfortable margin, part two of the treble.

Werrington Crew Aaron Shaheed, James Forster, Neil Cowles and Tom Burton the second of the two teams from the Club were enjoying their first season in the league and although there were some defeats along the way they learnt quickly and were becoming quite a challenge for their opponents. They also managed to get to a final, the Handicap Plate Competition. The final took place against another very experienced league team who have had Handicap success in the past. After a real roller coaster match the Crew won by 3 points the treble was now complete!!

By Steve Rate