Table Tennis England has signed up to the First Give Charter, providing assurances to schools that coaches delivering table tennis on their premises will do so in a covid-safe way.

The Charter supports any external staff who go in to schools to deliver activities, including table tennis, by establishing a set of considerations and actions to ensure they operate in line with venue procedures and minimise risks related to coronavirus.

These parameters commit coaches to monitoring their personal health, travelling safely to school venues and delivering physical activity safely.

Under the Charter, coaches undertake to liaise with schools in advance of any visit and to understand their measures and policies, as well as adapting their work if necessary to meet school policies, for example by working in smaller groups or amending workspace and materials.

The Charter also covers use of facemasks, hand sanitiser and social distancing – click here to view the Charter.

Both parties should agree to the guidelines stated within the Charter before any table tennis activity.

Table Tennis England Clubs, Schools and Leagues Manager Claire Brockwell said: “We recognise that it’s a challenging time for schools in general, including returning to the provision of sport for their pupils.

“The importance of being physically active has been highlighted throughout lockdown, and table tennis is a great option for pupils of all ages and abilities due to its adaptability and inclusive nature.

“By signing the First Give Charter, we hope we can alleviate any concerns for schools in welcoming external providers back onsite for table tennis by providing a point of reference and agreement to help restart delivery.”

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