Matt Ware defeats Darius Knight

Men’s Singles

As a tense Geoff Ware paced the balconies, Matt Ware was going hammer and nail with Darius Knight down on the court, in a match that saw what has to be the shot of the tournament, Knight seemingly out of range to returns Wares shot, swapped hands to smash the ball right into Wares body and take the point.

The action was close with stand out play from both sides of the table, going all the way to seven ends before Ware finished him off to claim his quarter-final spot.

Paul Drinkhall, 4-0
Tim Yarnall, 4-1
Liam Pitchford, 4-1
Danny Reed, 4-0
Chris Doran, 4-0
Andrew Baggaley, 4-1
Gavin Evans, 4-1
Matt Ware, 4-3

James Cornford