Our new initiative to get more young people to take up table tennis is continuing to take shape, and we are now asking for feedback from the table tennis family.

A shortlist of names and logos has been put together based on the input of more than 3,500 young people, teachers, coaches and parents.

We are now asking our members to choose their favourite of the six options in a simple two-click poll which can be accessed below.

A consultation process has been under way for some months and has involved discussions with a wide spectrum of children, teachers, PE co-ordinators, headteachers, parents, grandparents and coaches, which will continue over the next couple of months. We also had a very productive consultation day in Milton Keynes, to which coaches from up and down the country were invited.

So far, we have collated the views of more than 3,500 people from contrasting backgrounds. We have also had discussions with a number of other sports and partners to tap into the experiences they had in developing their own youth initiatives.

There is now a clear picture from all the contributors about what they want the programme to contain to ensure that more youngsters take up and continue to play our great sport.

As we work towards a launch date in April 2019, we are seeking feedback on the suggested names and logos.

The branding and logo is still very much work in progress but we are working with marketing experts to develop this once feedback has been collected. We would love for you to let us know which option you prefer so far.

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The youth initiative aims to attract more seven-to-11-year-olds into the sport through clubs, leagues and schools.

The central aims will be:

  • To provide young people with an inspiring, engaging and fun first experience in the sport
  • To enable us to build national partnerships with organisations that can help take the sport to more young people
  • To provide clubs and coaches with a more attractive programme to take into schools and community groups to enhance a table tennis offer
  • To engage new young coaches/activators in the sport

We will soon be asking coaches to let us know about their fun games and activities that work well for seven-to-11 year olds, so watch out for our next update.