It’s Volunteers’ Week, a celebration of the priceless contribution made to the UK by volunteers in all walks of life.

Table Tennis England remains hugely grateful to the army of unpaid enthusiasts who give their all to make our sport so accessible.

If you don’t already volunteer in our sport – or if you are looking to do more – the annual Ping! project could be just the opportunity for you.

Ping! is the free street ping pong festival which sees table tennis tables popping up in remarkable and surprising places nationwide during the summer – this year it will be in 19 towns and cities across England.

Ping! needs people, and there are loads of ways you can play your part this summer:

  • Participant – simply pick up a bat from one of the tables and play
  • Ping! Event Helpers to support at events throughout the festival
  • Ping! Photographers and Videographers to capture the festival as it happens
  • Ping! Bloggers and Tweeters to help share the best bits online
  • Ping! Monitors and Researchers to count participants and help gather information for specific case studies
  • Ping! Coaches to help with coaching sessions
  • Ping! Activators to help get as many people playing as possible
  • Ping! Pioneers to help build ping pong communities

By getting involved you’ll be helping to make Ping! 2015 the biggest and best yet and making a big difference to the lives of people who live work in your area!


Visit to learn more about the project and find your nearest Ping! city. Alternatively, you can email us on [email protected]

For more information on volunteers week click here

Paul Stimpson
June 2, 2015