St Neots led by Chris Rogers will head the premier division at next year’s second leg of the Veterans British League in Doncaster next January.

Rogers finished the first leg in Hereford with an impressive 80% while team members Andrew Trott and Stuart Palmer both completed with 70% averages. But following closely with the same number of points are title holders Bribar Nomads who clearly are not going to give up their title easily.

Chris Bartram topped the division averages with 90% with excellent back-up from Nigel Eckersley and Tony West.

In the Women’s league former champions Colebridge go into next year in first place. They completed this session unbeaten after five matches dropping only nine matches all weekend and take a useful cushion going to Doncaster.
 Colebridge newcomer Michele Reeves was unbeaten.

Chasing but having a mountain to climb are Cheltenham who trail by four points.

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