Will Maybanks

With lots of BYE’s, it is round two where everyone has to fight for their place, there were how ever good wins for Maynard, Maybanks, Andrews and McBeath.

Paul Drinkhall, BYE
Tom Maynard 3-1
Zak Zliesnick, BYE
Liam Pitchford, BYE
Matt Ware, BYE
Alim Hirji, BYE
Will Maybanks 3-0
Danny Reed, BYE
Chris Doran, Bye
Richard Andrews, 3-2
Sean Cullen, BYE
Gavin Evans, BYE
Damien Nicholls, BYE
Lewis Gray, BYE
David McBeath, 3-2
Darius Knight, BYE

Rd 2

Round 2 saw the first real bit of controversy as Lewis Gray, after beating Damien Nicholls 3-0, for what would have been his best win got disqualified due to his rubber being too thick. A distraught Gray still has the senior singles, doubles and mixed doubles to make amends.

Paul Drinkhall 3-0
Liam Pitchford 3-0
Matt Ware 3-2
Chris Doran, 3-0
Gavin Evans, 3-0
Damien Nicholls W/O
Darius Knight, 3-0

James Cornford