Tables, Nets & Surrounds

Free Standing – Two separate halves, each half supported on four legs. To avoid damage the two halves should be stored surface to surface. Easier to transport than rollaway tables, but is more difficult and time consuming to set up and take down.

Rollaway with Playback – The playing surface is split into two halves each one mounted on a central wheeled undercarriage to form one unit. In storage both halves are locked in a vertical position. Playback allows the player to practice alone using the vertical half to return the ball. Playback tables are easy to set up, take down and manoeuvre and bulky to store.

Rollaway – Similar to Rollaway with Playback but the undercarriage is designed for easier storage. Some versions have a separate undercarriage for each table half. NB — Tables are easily damaged and can cause injury if mishandled.

Nets & Surrounds – There are three types of net assembly – spring clamp and screw clamp (which are removable) and fixed ones which form an integral part of the table. The spring and screw clamp types should be removed prior to taking down the table. Surrounds are moveable and used to partition playing areas.

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