With the new season now well under way, TT Leagues has been put through its paces by being fully implemented across all British League competitions. There is also an extended pilot in the County Championships which is now getting fully under way.

TT Leagues has been used for results management in the first weekends of Women’s British League, Veterans’ British League and Junior British League, as well as the early rounds of Senior British League.

This has all gone well with prompt reporting of results, player averages, and team & player stats at the sessions or soon after. To see all the results and data go to the British League website.

Players have been able to access all the data at the various sessions via the browser on a mobile phone or via the TT Leagues App. The website is proving popular with more than 3,000 visits over the last four weeks.

The ‘second-half fixtures’ for divisions of six teams have recently been published. This means teams in these divisions can now see who they are playing in the spring in the second weekend sessions.

Neil Rogers, Chair of British League, said: “The successful implementation of TT Leagues in these first rounds of matches is the culmination of a significant amount of work over the last 12 months to develop the required functionality.

“My thanks go to all those that have been involved in this process. But the development process continues. Clubs and players can expect the website to get better and better as we introduce some exciting developments for next season and beyond.”

Henry Arthur, British League Executive Officer at Table Tennis England, added: “I have been delighted to be involved in the application of TT Leagues across British League competitions. We will continue to refine the day-to-day interface of TT Leagues.

“Some key British League documentation has already been transferred to the Information Section of the website. I have also added an area where photos taken at the various sessions can be shown.”

The enhanced piloting of TT Leagues in the County Championships is also picking up speed, as can be seen from the County Championships TT Leagues site.

Results are now largely up to date for most age-sections of the competition – Cadet, Junior, Senior, Veterans, and Over-60s. In addition, TT Leagues has been run “live” during the Premier Weekends of Junior, Senior, Veterans and O-60s sections. This has provided players with up-to-date information on the latest results, tables, and player averages. We expect that the same to happen for the Cadet Premier Weekend in February.

Dave Goulden, Administrator of the County Championships, said: “It is great that all the County Championships Administrators have grasped the opportunity to build on the small-scale pilot that was undertaken in the 2019/20 season. I always knew that what we are planning to do is highly ambitious – so I am delighted we have made such a good start.

“While there is much that remains to be done, it will be transformational for the County Championships if for the first time we can make the results of county matches available in such detail and so promptly to players and county officials.”

Neil Hurford, a member of the County Championships Committee, said: “I am particularly keen that as a future development we link the results on the County Championships TT Leagues website to the individual TT League sites of County Association. This will mean that Counties can display up to date information about the results of their County teams.

“As can be seen from the screenshot below, I’ve set up a demonstration of how this might be done on the Information Section of the Oxfordshire County Website.

“I will be discussing with the TT Leagues developer if this process can be automated so it can be made available on all County TT Leagues sites with the minimum of set-up. I’m sure all Counties would welcome the opportunity to publicise the performance of the County teams in this way.”

The 2021-22 season also sees the continued piloting of NCL & NJL competitions using TT Leagues, with three divisions of the NCL and NJL at Ackworth School currently using the platform.

Clubs can see and share: Fixtures, Results, Divisional Tables, Player Averages and Team/Player stats. A short video clip showing how to navigate and access the functions has been added to the latest News article.