The format was two player teams playing all four possible singles matches. CL Topspin (Chamika Weerasinghe and Liam Smith both from Kent) went through this event winning 4-0 against all three of the other teams. The remaining three teams were all from Horsham Spinners TTC. The closest Liam came to losing, was vs Scott Slater (The Spinning Flickers). Liam just came through that 11-8, 11-7, 8-11, 9-11, 14-12. Spin And Smash (William Michell and Harry Huddlestone) came second, beating the remaining teams 4-0.

Final Positions:
1) CL Topspin (Chamika Weerasinghe and Liam Smith-both K)
2) Spin And Smash (Will Michell and Harry Huddlestone-both Sx)
3) The Spinning Flickers (Scott Slater and Jake Vincent-both Sx)
4) Horsham Spinners (Harry Filson and Ollie Thorne-both Sx)

There were five teams in this event, so the format was 1 Vs 1, 2 Vs 2 & then if it went 1-1 a deciding singles match was played. A toss of a coin decided whether the deciding match would be 1 Vs 2 or 2 Vs 1, which made things interesting and introduced an element of luck. There were two Horsham Spinners TTC teams in this age group. Horsham Spinners 1 (Anish Padalkar and Kieran Bonner) beat all four of their opponents 2-0. Their closest match by far was vs Louago (Louis Zanden & Jago Manning-McGeorge). Bonner beat Zanden 11-5 in the decider and Padalkar defeated Manning-McGeorge (playing in his first ever tournament) 11-7 in the fifth. Louago finished second in a three way count-back with Nemo Dynamos (Luke and Ruth Marsden) and Trinity TTC (Darius Dosieah and Kelli Bragg). These three teams all beat each other 2-1, so it went to sets count back, but was still even-steven and so had to go to points count bank with Louago coming out on top.

Final Positions:
1) Horsham Spinners 1 (Kieran Bonner and Anish Padalkar-both Sx)
2) Luoago (Louis Zanden and Jago Manning-McGeorge-both Sx)
3) Nemo Dynamos (Ruth and Luke Marsden-both K)
4) Trinity (Darius Dosieah and Kelli Bragg-both Sx)
5) Horsham Spinners 2 (Matthew Weller and Reece Packham-both Sx)

A player dropped out of this event at short notice, so it was decided to just do a round robin of seven players, as the minimum no. for a meaningful team event is eight players and we were left with seven. Reiss Vydelingum (K) proved too strong for the rest of the field, winning all of his matches in straight sets, but both Ben Lane (Sy) from Trinity TTC (the runner-up) and Chris Purdy (Horsham Spinners TTC) had two close games against him. Lane, who was only ranked fifth out of the seven, beat three Horsham Spinners players (James Arnold, Sam Dallas and Purdy) all ranked above him. His match vs Arnold (now no longer using long pimples) went to 15-13 in the last game. Arnold, the second seed also missed out in the fifth (11-8) vs team mate Dallas, who finished third.

Final Positions:
1) Reiss Vydelingum (K)
2) Ben Lane (Sy)
3) Sam Dallas (Sx)
4) James Arnold (Sx)
5) Chris Purdy (Sx)
6) Cameron Allaway (Sy)
7) Elysia Marrs (Sx)

There were four teams, so the format was the same as for the U11s. Mitchell Jones and Farren Seamon (both Mi) won the event, beating Ernest Bevin (Joseph Langham-Ferreira and Ovi Eyarhono-both Sy) 3-1 in the deciding match. The key match here was Jones’ fantastic win over England no. 14 junior Langham-Ferreira, which makes Jones look a little under ranked at no. 42. The match for second place vs Barnet Skyfallers (Tommy Gritton & Sasha Somers-both He) was very tight, going to 2-2, as Langham-Ferreira won both of his, but Eyarhono lost his. Therefore it went to games count-back and Ernest Bevin had a better games difference, so got the runners-up spot.

Final Positions:
1) Mitchell Jones (Mi) and Farren Seamon (Mi)
2) Ernest Bevin (Joseph Langham-Ferreira and Ovi Eyarhono-both Sy)
3) Barnett Skyfallers (Tommy Gritton and Sasha Somers-both He)
4) Freddy Pap (Freddy Goodall-Sx and Lucas Papantoniou-Mi)

The adult event was by far the most popular on the day with 11 teams and a very high quality field. The format used in the U13s above was again employed here. There were four initial groups with three teams in three of the groups and the fourth group just had two teams, but they played all four singles, in order to get the same no. of matches as the players in the other groups. In Group 1 top seeds, Craig Bryant & Dan Barna (both Sx), were dominant, only dropping one end between them in the four singles they played in the group. Seconds seeds Chris Bartram (K) and Andy Trott (Np), playing as Crystal Displays, mirrored the performance of their rivals in Group 2. In Group 3 Finsbury (Fabien Mauroy and Kevin Kan-two French players who live in England), did not have it as easy, but still won both their matches 2-0. When they played Dave Steel (Sx) and Roger Pyle (He) Mauroy was taken to 11-8 in the fifth by Steel. In Group 4 Fusion (Alex Forshaw-Sy and Gregory Kadock-K) beat Lethal Backhand (Dean Rose-K & Mickel Miller-Sy) 3-1, with Forshaw getting a very good win over the higher ranked Miller.

After the groups, the winning teams went into the semi finals of Band 1, the second placed teams went into the semis of Band 2 and the third placed teams went into the semis of Band 3. In the Band 1 semis, Barna and Bryant dispatched Fusion 2-0 and Crystal Displays inflicted similar punishment on Finsbury. The Band 1 final was close with Bryant taking Trott apart and Bartram overcoming Barna. That should have meant a deciding singles match, with a toss of a coin deciding which two players would play. However all four players wanted to play a doubles to decide the match and after some resistance from the referee, a doubles match was eventually allowed to take place. This was a close fight, with Crystal Displays eventually shading it 11-6, 6-11, 11-9, 9-11, 14-12 and winning just two more points that their opponents. Fusion won the third place play-off over Finsbury 2-0 with both matches going to five. Band 2 was won by Hollingbury (Jan Collado and Jens Weigel-two Germans living in Brighton) 2-1 over Lethal Backhand. Needle And The Hacker (Adam Daley and Matt Craig-both Sy) beat Alan Stone (Sy) & Gerry Pugh (Sx) 2-1 in the Band 3 final.

Final Positions:
1) Andy Trott (Np) and Chris Bartram (K)
2) Craig Bryant (Sx) and Daniel Barna (Sx)
3) Alex Forshaw (Sx) and Gregory Kadock (K)
4) Fabien Mauroy (K) and Kevin Kan (Mi)
5) Jan Collado (Sx) and Jan Collado (Sx)
6) Mickel Miller (Sy) and Dean Rose (K)
7) Charlie Austen (Mi) and Dmitri Bardysh (Mi)
8) Dave Steel (Sx) and Roger Pyle (He)
9) Adam Daley (Sy) and Matt Craig (Sy)
10) Gerry Pugh (Sx) and Alan Stone (Sy)
11) Mark Proskourine (Mi) and Timur Hashimi (Mi)