Triple joy at National Junior League

Jonah hits maximums v Cippenham and Reading

All three Kidlington Forum teams got off to a fine start in their National Junior League campaign at Cippenham on Saturday. The Boys’ A team justified their presence in the top division with wins over Cippenham A (6-3) and Reading A (7-2). This was after an initial reverse at the hands of Twickenham Brunswick A (2-7). Overall Simon Price won 7/9, Jonah Stott 6/9 and Luke Jobling 2/9. Simon and Jonah have been playing in the NJL for several years now and used all their experience to hang on to some excellent wins in a series of very close matches.

Meanwhile the Boys’ B team, playing in Division 2, fought back magnificently from 0-3 down to defeat Graham Spicer 5-4 and went on to overwhelm Reading B 9-0 and also beat Hillingdon 7-2. Kavan Warrender led the team with 8/9, ably supported by Fabian Audifferen 5/6, Josh Selby 4/6 and Ben Neumeier 4/6.

In the Girls’ Division, Kristelle Brook was in sparkling form once again, winning 9/9 in the victories over Ellenborough (5-4), Lingfield Notre Dame A (9-0) and Cippenham B (8-1). Vicky Coll won 7/9 and Chloe Yau 6/9.

All in all a very good day for the ten Forum players, which had started in some logistical chaos, with Kavan left in limbo at Chieveley Services, his lift having failed to materialise.  The Neumeiers had found the A34 closed, and, with no Satnav to guide them, were sent on a mystifying detour through the Berkshire countryside, heading towards Swindon. Think John Cleese and Clockwise!

John Birkin (November 18, 2013)