The ETTA operate an extensive competition programme within England in addition to organising training camps and travel abroad for the elite players, and want these experiences to be exciting and enjoyable for the participants. It is hoped that these guidelines will not only assist those with responsibility for organising and implementing trips for groups of players, but also provide a resource for inclusion in parents/carers information packs.

When in charge of groups of children/young people, coaches and/or responsible adults should be aware AT ALL TIMES that they are legally and morally responsible for the young people’s welfare and behaviour.

It is recommended that everyone having a copy of this booklet should read it in its entirety and not just concentrate on the sections relevant to their areas of responsibility.

All the guidelines included in this booklet will be adopted and used by all those involved with national squads both at home and abroad.

However, it is anticipated that for those coaches and volunteers involved with groups of players at local, county and regional levels the aim should be to follow the guidelines as close as possible. Where it is not possible to follow the guidelines exactly then all coaches and volunteers should use a common sense approach but ALWAYS ENSURING THAT THE WELFARE OF THE CHILD IS PARAMOUNT and should never take any actions that could prejudice this statement.

Travelling to Competitions and Camps

Information for Organisers to put in place:
• A programme to be drawn up for each trip and made available to all players and their parents/carers to will include all departure and approximate return times.
• Ensure that the appropriate insurance is in place i.e. Public and Civil Liability and check if any additional cover is required if foreign travel is involved e.g. medical.
• Circulate consent forms to all parents/carers for completion, collect and hold them in a secure place making sue that emergency contact numbers and medical information for all players is issued to the coaches and any responsible adults.
• All players should have a copy of this booklet, be made aware of the contents and the consequences of breaking any of the rules.
• Both players and their parents/carers should have an itinerary for the trip with details of a point of contact who is not travelling with the group.
• Players should be made aware of arrangements for them to contact their parents/carers whilst they are away from home.
• Parents/carers are to be informed of their responsibility for transporting their children to and from departure/arrival points for all trips.
• For groups including children under the age of 11 the ratio of adults to children should be a minimum of 1:8, and for over the age of 11 the ratio should be a minimum of 1:10 with 2 adults at all times for groups in excess of 4. Mixed gender groups of any size must always be accompanied by at least one male and one female adult.
• Should a situation arise where a coach is travelling alone with a group of children they must be aware at all times of their own fallibility in case of accident or illness, and take steps never to compromise the safety of the group members.
• Ensure that anyone transporting children in their own vehicle has a valid driving licence, MOT, road tax, vehicle insurance, breakdown cover and that the vehicle is fitted with seat belts. The vehicle should be apparently roadworthy. The driver must not be responsible for squad supervision during the journey.
• If minibuses or cars are hired for transporting then the same checks as the previous item should be carried out as far as possible.
• Check if vaccinations or pre-trip medication are needed.
• Check if visas are necessary.
• Check the culture and climate of the country being visited to ensure that the squad take the appropriate clothing.
• Check the country’s culture being visited if participating in any activities e.g some countries do not allow teenage girls to attend mixed swimming sessions.
• Check that the dietary needs for the squad can be met including both medical and cultural.
• All beds should be single where possible.
• Toilet and bathroom facilities, if possible, should be en-suite.
• Adults travelling with the group must not share a room with the players under any circumstances unless they are their own children.
• Males and females must not share rooms.
• All coaches and responsible adults, which may include parents/carers, must have attended a child protection workshop and have a current CRB check.
• If any of the players are on short or long term medication they must be made aware of their responsibility for administering it themselves.
• The Codes of Conduct for Players, Parents and Coaches will be reviewed on a regular basis by the ETTA’s Child Protection Officer and the Child Protection Committee.

Click here for the parental consent travel letter form.