Bridging – What? Why? How?

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Why is Bridging important to you?
Why is Bridging important to your club?
Why is Bridging important to table tennis?
ETTA support for you whilst Bridging
Aims of the Course
Course Contents
Assessment Process
Duration & Cost

The ‘UKCC L2 Bridging Course’

Under the UK Coaching Framework (UKCF) the ETTA made the decision to adopt the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) gaining access to financial and operational support, improving coaching standards and to develop a sustainable World Class coaching system.

‘Professionalising’ the coaching workforce is imperative, challenging coaches to constantly develop; table tennis has failed previously as education systems have allowed qualification without the need to re-educate at any stage. Coaching in sport is in perpetual development, constantly challenging best practice; table tennis can be no different. The coaching department appreciate that we have many high quality ETTA coaches but must evolve; to maintain such quality it is vital that reflective practice, continual professional development and licensing are implemented; these are all part of the UKCF and UKCC.

Bridging provides existing ‘Home Country NGB’ coaches (eg. ETTA Level 2-4) with a simple route to UKCC accreditation. There exist a number of gaps between the learning programmes of the previous NGB qualifications and the current UKCC Level 2; the Bridging course aims to fulfil the identified ‘gaps’ between previous certificated and/or evidenced learning or achievement against the learning outcomes to ensure that all coaches are delivering current recognised best practice.

‘Bridging Course’ content takes into account the content of any previous ‘Home Country’ coaching qualification awarded, experience gained through coaching, balanced with the need for the evidence to be current (within the last 3 years) and relevant to the new awards. In this way existing coaches are being given ‘credit’ for their earlier learning and have been exempted from parts of the full 4 day L2 CCTT course.

The ETTA would like to take this opportunity to thank the many dedicated coaches for their efforts in the past and hope that the majority will ‘bridge’ to UKCC so that the sport can continue to benefit from their time, experience and expertise.

Why is bridging important to you?
Bridging offers a coach the important opportunity to develop and find out about changes in coaching practice; resulting in the delivery of best practice. Many coaches gained their qualifications many years ago and might not have attended any form of training since. It is important for any coach to continue to develop to reach their potential. The Bridging course covers aspects of health & safety, risk assessments, changes in the delivery of technical content, and is a UKCC endorsed qualification. UKCC is the standard by which all coaching qualifications delivered by sports are monitored; this means that the Bridging course meets present day national occupational standards and is most of all up to date.

Why is bridging important to your club?
Bridging is important to all clubs. Clubs are the lifeblood of the sport and require the support of coaches to develop and offer opportunities to existing and new members. Clubs are now governed more tightly by legislation and must meet health & safety guidelines, carry out risk assessments, meet child protection guidelines, and offer the best possible service to their members. By bridging you are helping to do this!

The opportunity to bridge to UKCC endorsement ends on 1st January 2013 which will mean that any coach without a UKCC qualification will no longer be recognised under the rules of the ETTA as a coach. The ETTA qualification will not be taken away from you but you will no longer be recognised as coach and will not be able to get an ETTA coach licence. If you do not bridge and wish to coach after 1st January 2013 you will need to start at the beginning and take the UKCC Level 1 course so take the opportunity to bridge NOW!

Why is bridging important to table tennis?
Bridging is important to table tennis as a sport so that we can all move forward and produce a quality product for the future. Table tennis needs quality clubs, quality coaches, quality volunteers and much more. Bridging offers table tennis the opportunity to continue to benefit from the years of knowledge and experience of all of the ETTA qualified coaches, add more value, and deliver quality coaching. Only with this will table tennis players, clubs and coaches achieve maximum potential.

ETTA support for you whilst Bridging
Regional coaches, tutors/assessors and the ETTA National Coaching staff are available to support you through the process of bridging. If you are having difficulty with the paperwork or have any technical queries please ask either on-course or follow this up with a regional member of staff. The ETTA is here to help you through the process and wants as many ETTA qualified coaches to bridge to UKCC endorsement.

Financial support is occasionally available to support candidate fees. Please note however that this is more likely at local level either through your club or league, or through local authorities. Please contact your Regional Development Manager for more information or help with this.

Aims of the Course
• Afford coaches the opportunity to ‘upskill’ and gain UKCC endorsement.
• To provide the necessary knowledge to complete the assessment tasks.
• To update specific areas of knowledge as required by the time scale of being ‘current’ i.e. within the last 3 years.
• Provide guidance and time for the required practical assessments to be completed.

Course Contents
There are six distinct areas identified in the ‘mapping exercise’ that were required to be included and they are:
• Physiology – fitness components, testing and improving fitness for table tennis
• Introduction to Planning and H&S/emergency procedure/gathering information
• Planning linked sessions
• Forehand Progressions
• Psychology module – motivation and goal setting
• Multi-ball/Advanced service & receive/Advanced strokes

NB. Some of the areas identified above may have been covered in learning programmes of previous qualifications but due to frequent change in course design these areas have not been covered by all NGB qualified coaches.

Assessment Process
The assessment process for the Bridging and Full UKCC Level 2 qualifications are identical, ensuring that all new UKCC endorsed Level 2 coaches are at an appropriate level.

The following tasks have to be evidenced on the course:
• Nutrition
• Emergency Procedure/health and safety
• Player Profile
• Planning/evaluation of linked sessions

In addition there are two practical assessments which require the delivery of two different planned sessions:-
• Internally assessed 20 min. session to an individual – a fellow course member
• Independently assessed 30 min. session to a group of a max.4 players – fellow course members

• On completion of the course and assessment the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Table Tennis will be awarded to candidates.
• Be eligible for employment as a coach within County Sport Partnerships and School Sport Partnerships (It is now a requirement that they only employ UKCC Level 2 qualified coaches).

All candidates will receive the same resources as a candidate attending the full L2 CCTT course. These include:
• Level 2 Pre-Course Induction Pack, including the following ETTA documents:
• Customer Service Statement
• Security Statement
• Health and Safety Policy (Coach Education section)
• Equal Opportunities Policy
• Complaints Procedure
• Appeals Procedure
• CRB Request Form
• Table Tennis Technical Resource – in shrink-wrapped pack
• Level 2 pre-course questions
• Pre-course Philosophy Task
• ETTA Child Protection Policy & Guidelines
• ETTA Disability Awareness Booklet
• ITTF Rules Booklet (or ETTA Approved Laws of Table Tennis leaflet)
• Structure of Coaching Document
• Candidate Evidence Checklist
• Candidate Registration Letter
• Venue Map
• Table Tennis News

Duration and Cost
Coach retention is a high priority and the ETTA is offering Bridging courses for existing ETTA coaches. These courses are cheaper per candidate than the full course but ensure that an ETTA coach can transfer to UKCC and their coaching practice is up to date. The Bridging courses are available until 1st January 2013 providing all ETTA coaches the opportunity to continue coaching Table Tennis.

The Bridging course lasts for 2 days, separated by an eight week gap and costs £150. To book onto a course please either check the ETTA Course Calendar or contact the National Coaching Administrator by email or on 01424 456205. All candidates will need to download an application form which can be found here.

Prior to being accepted onto a Bridging course candidates must have:
• Either an existing ‘Home Country’ NGB coaching qualification (eg. ETTA Level 2-4)

Prior to being awarded the UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Table Tennis candidates must have:
• Completed and passed all on-course assessments.
• Completed all of the tasks included in the 1st4Sport UKCC Level 2 candidate pack.
• Have completed an appropriate Essential First Aid course (training providers include St John’s Ambulance, Red Cross etc).
• Have completed an appropriate Safeguarding Children course details can be found at