A London based, table tennis night club was Pre-Launched last night at Gilgamesh Restaurant/bar in Camden Town. I am hiring the hall off my friend part owner Jeff so I can hold a table tennis night club similar to Spin New York.

Topspin night club is launching on the 18th of May, a charity event for ‘African education’ on th 27th April was held alongside celebrities including: Sid Owen (Eastenders), Frank Bruno (ex Heavyweight world champion), Joe Cole (England Footballer) was in the building, and our Star guests JLS current no.1 boy band in England.

We held a Celebrity table tennis competition where amazingly all four boys from the band reached the semi-final stages and Marvin took the title from Aston in the Final.

An amazing night with over 150 people enjoying the party, which included: free drinks canopies and a table tennis master class by Darius Knight and Gavin Rumgay. The event was covered by Capital and OK magazine.

The table tennis night club has been formed by Eli Baraty and Jade Blasse, for further detail please contact Eli at [email protected] www.topspinnightclub.com

We look forward to seeing you on the 18th May